The New Normal…

2 1/2 months in and my LO thinks she’s been there, Memory Care (her new home) for at least 2 years.  She appears to be adjusting very well. She was asked by a fellow resident, “why are you here? You’re too young!” Without a blink she informed her that if she didn’t know, she happens … More The New Normal…

Roller Coaster Ride….

I love Roller Coasters! My favorite is Space Mountain at Disneyland because it’s mostly in the dark and you never “see” it coming! Well…… that’s fine for pure pleasure but in real life I think most folks, (myself included) like to “see” it coming; it’s those unexpected twists and turns that can really throw us … More Roller Coaster Ride….


This the last leg of a week long trek thru AZ. First leg was the Grand Canyon, she (my LO, with early onset Alzheimer’s disease), had never been; (trying to create memories); The second leg was a visit with good friends at The Lodge in Prescott, (gracious hosts-thanks); and now the final leg: We are staying … More Sanctuary

Some things have changed and some things haven’t.

Some things have changed:  Personal appearance used to be important. She always dressed nice and appropriately for the occasion. Now, that seems to be a very daunting task. (she takes forever to get dressed! Solution: patience and tell her departure time is an extra hour earlier.)  If we are going “somewhere” she looks to see … More Some things have changed and some things haven’t.