The folks at the Memory Care Facility said that one of the benefits of my LO being there, is that most likely our relationship would change, for the better, because I would no longer have the role of the caregiver and I could go back to being a spouse. The “thing” I missed the most … More Intimacy…..


The New Normal…

2 1/2 months in and my LO thinks she’s been there, Memory Care (her new home) for at least 2 years.  She appears to be adjusting very well. She was asked by a fellow resident, “why are you here? You’re too young!” Without a blink she informed her that if she didn’t know, she happens … More The New Normal…

What’s best……?

I have always prayed and trusted in my higher power. Today, it is like the air I breathe, extremely valuable if I want to survive. My next indicated step, in response to the potential physical violence from my LO, who has Young-onset Alzheimer’s, is to have a “Plan B”. Yes, I know that her tirades … More What’s best……?