“Out of the mouths of…….”

There are so many “funny” conversations that I hear, considering I go to a Memory Care facility 3-4 times a week to visit my LO! If I don’t put it down on paper ASAP, It slips my memory!! (no pun intended).

So here goes: Today at lunch a fairly new resident sat down at our table. She was quite animated; she asked if she could share some “good news” with us. We said “of course!”

She proceeded to say the she had been really down; not herself and that her “mother” (sometimes it was her daughter) told her the problem was that she wasn’t having enough sex! and that she needed to do that as much as possible! And ever since being told that she feels so much better!! She can’t wait. She’s going to start right away. There’s no need to deny herself. Sex was a good thing. She repeated that story at least 3 times! Of course, I egged her on with  a few “you go girl” comments.

Now, you have to understand that words often get confused with Alzheimer’s patients. “Sex” could have been confused with “ice cream”! I don’t know about you, but either one  would make me happy!!


two ice cream cups
Photo by Teejay on Pexels.com




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