The New Normal…

2 1/2 months in and my LO thinks she’s been there, Memory Care (her new home) for at least 2 years.  She appears to be adjusting very well. She was asked by a fellow resident, “why are you here? You’re too young!” Without a blink she informed her that if she didn’t know, she happens to be at a place that has the BEST therapy in all of So California! Gotta love her! She loves the food and all her helpers.

We hit a bit of a rough patch, when she was freqently asking to come home, “for a visit” to see the dog. Our Daisy had to cross the Rainbow Bridge and I had to tell her. It was not pretty. Her anger re-surfaced quickly. She threw a coffee mug so hard it put a divot in the carpet. Thank God, the massage therapist happened to come by at that time. She was able to calm her down. So I became the “bad guy” for a couple of days. Then one of our cats suddenly died; (only 1 1/2 years old).  I have not told her he’s gone. It’s tough for anyone to lose a fur-baby, but I think for her with all the new changes, I think it’s extra tough.

The next drama trauma was her roommate. My LO was convinced she was “stealing” her stuff and she said the her roomie was telling everyone that she was stealing HER stuff! Oy vey! So, she gets a new roomie; someone her own age but a little further along the dementia road; she only lasted 1 day! She called frightened and crying. She said she was “evil and dark”.  This facility is wonderful. They know this sort of stuff happens and they seem to know exactly what to do. She now has a perfect roommate!(at least for now). They both like to stay up late and sleep late. And she loves stuffed animals!

I’m adjusting as well, but I’m just not sure what that means. I’m working out, eating somewhat, cleaning the house, taking a shower; I’m trying to find my new normal.


3 thoughts on “The New Normal…

  1. Rhonda,
    I really appreciate your updates. I have learned so much.
    My good friend, RB, has just been diagnosed, though she has been suffering memory loft for several years.
    Thanks to your openness and bravery, I can be there for my friend and not be freaked out.
    So glad your LO is in such a progressive home.
    The fact that you can share with all of us tells me you are okay and with God’s help,, healing can continue.
    Love you! Ms. Coleman

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