This the last leg of a week long trek thru AZ. First leg was the Grand Canyon, she (my LO, with early onset Alzheimer’s disease), had never been; (trying to create memories); The second leg was a visit with good friends at The Lodge in Prescott, (gracious hosts-thanks); and now the final leg: We are staying at a spa resort for a couple of days, called the “Sanctuary  Camelback Mountain “. My LO asked where are the “animals”? At first I thought she meant the “wildlife” at the pool, but quickly realized she meant “real” critters! I calmly explained we were staying at a “spa” sanctuary for humans. She said “oh, OK”. Not OK. She has since asked me no less than 5 times when do we get to see the animals! Haven’t lost it yet! (Chalk one up for “The Wizard”!)

I had done a “check-in” on FB, (Facebook) when we arrived; (my LO can still manage FB somewhat) and she replied to a ” have a nice time” comment by saying it had been a long time since she had been here, (a time before they thought of the “preserve”/sanctuary, and you had to watch out for the wild animals wandering  all around! (Sounds like pre-historic times!)

The brain is very interesting; I can see that she is trying to make sense of incomplete information, (incomplete because there are faulty connections in her brain, thank you Alzheimer’s). And I believe she desperately needs to feel relevant and normal, so her brain just makes up sh**t. Sometimes she sounds credible and sometimes we’re in the “Land of Oz”! (I have almost mastered control of the involuntary “eye roll”!)


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