Some things have changed and some things haven’t.

Some things have changed:  Personal appearance used to be important. She always dressed nice and appropriately for the occasion. Now, that seems to be a very daunting task. (she takes forever to get dressed! Solution: patience and tell her departure time is an extra hour earlier.)  If we are going “somewhere” she looks to see what I’m wearing and “mirrors” that.

Packing for travel is very frustrating. Solution: I made up a “packing list” for “both” of us, and that seems to help. ( At least she remembers to pack underwear using the list).

Showering every day is not as important (saving water!) and maybe she has a point there. Solution: if she sees me getting in the shower, more often than not she will join me, (saving water). A little make-up was routine for “going out”, but not any more. Solution: she’s beautiful even without make-up.

….And some things haven’t changed: This morning I mentioned to my LO that her underwear were on inside out and she replied, without skipping a beat; “Good, that way I can wear them twice!” and we laughed till tears were running. That witty comeback is one of the many things that I fell in love with! And I suppose some of the tears were for the appreciation that she’s Still Her! (for now….)


3 thoughts on “Some things have changed and some things haven’t.

  1. This made me smile. I have been a travel list, check list, post it, write a note on my hand gal for a long time. I love and support your positive attitude and am always here for you guys.


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  2. Being able to change with the dementia is a wonderful thing you have mastered! Each day, each week, and each month is different. Soon you will have to pack for her, dress her and bathe her all with varying cooperation. Your positive attitude is wonderful.


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