It’s not all tears and sadness ALL the time……

It has come to my attention that this blog can be pretty depressing and sad. Not my intention of course, (my intention is to get my feelings out in the open; something that is very difficult for me).  There are lots of funny moments filled with tears of laughter. I’ll try and share them more often.

You may recall that my LO still drives, (not for much longer, I’m afraid). She’s really fairly safe, because she is a very defensive (and frustratingly slow!!), driver against ALL those A..holes on the road! You see, they are everywhere and she feels compelled to let all of them know she sees them!! She does this by using her horn. Now, you probably know that we don’t live in Manhattan or even some place where hearing horns blast and blare is part of the background noise. We live in beautiful So. California. People here do use their horns but not quite like my LO. She doesn’t just toot or tap her horn if you ventured too close to her in your lane; she bangs the horn and then lays on it for far too long.

During a short drive to run an errand or go to lunch this can and does happen multiple times. Well… when she took the car to the mechanic to “fix” the horn, he said with great astonishment, that he had never replaced a horn in all his 30 years as a mechanic! and now 4 months later that new horn is broken again! Here’s the funny conversation…

LO: “I have to take the car to the Honda dealer!”

Me: “OK…?, how come?”

LO: ” There’s a recall on the horns and they need to replace mine, it’s broken again!! They just don’t make cars like they used to.”


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