Wishful thinking…..

One week later, after being told she has Early Onset Alzheimer’s, my LO is convinced the Neurologist is “playing the game” to help her get SS disability. She now  “knows” the Dr. was speaking to her in “code” when she told her she has deficits, because  she has to have deficits to qualify for disability; so wink, wink “just go along” and accept what I’m telling you. I was informed of this after our routine check-up with our primary Dr. today, where she asked him what the neurologist told him. (she’s convinced she’s telling him something different). She complained that she was in extreme pain that day and she did all those “recall” tests and she only missed the last one out of 5. ( I have no idea how many there were or the results). She said the neurologist didn’t listen to her and that she didn’t care that she was having the worst “pain” day ever. And the best yet… the atrophy of her hippocampus (deep brain structure responsible for short term memory) was most likely injured when she was 15 and in a bad car accident. (She did have a pretty bad whiplash, that eventually caused her to have a neck fusion 6 years ago but no head injury). The MRI showed significant shrinkage of the hippocampus; classic Alzheimer’s.

So, any hope of her coming to terms with her diagnosis was just a fleeting, wishful pipe dream!

Reality: Breathe, pray and enjoy life as it comes.


4 thoughts on “Wishful thinking…..

  1. Wow. At least the diagnosis is out there. So sad what this disease tears apart, but you are strong enough tho to hold it together. Get on board with the winking game, your ‘inside’ joke to share.

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  2. No words, really. It brings back my past with my Mom when we received her diagnosis. It’s a one-day-at a time mantra I embraced from Mom in her 12-Step program many years back. It took on new meaning which helped to prepare, daily, for the unexpected. Prayers…..

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