Good News…. Bad News

The good news is that my LO has been formally diagnosed and was told by the neurologist that she has it; the bad news is: it’s Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease, (EOAD). The only reason we needed a formal diagnosis was so we can apply for Social Security Disability. I’ve “known” for over 4 years now that something was seriously wrong and would have bet anyone is was Alzheimer’s.

The other good news is that she didn’t react “violently” to the diagnosis, and wasn’t hostile to the Dr.(per the neurologist). I was not in the room, by design (since I seem to be the “bad” guy). She did ask the Dr. to NOT tell me. She thinks I want to put her “away” in a nursing home and make off with all her “houses”! This paranoia is quite common (“someone is stealing my money”) and usually the person closest to them takes the hit. I have “thick” skin, and I certainly know how to “pretend” that you can’t hurt my feelings but I’m not going to lie to you, it still stings.

The Neurologist thinks that they have a good therapeutic relationship starting and that they can continue to build on it. May be we’ll even get to the point of open discussion re: the elephant in the room!! or not……. Either way I just have to continue to love and care for her because I love and care for her.


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