Latest developement…

When I got back from my 2 week trip, I found some new developments in the house. It seems that my LO has been watching the “local” news; (we all know that isn’t pretty), so she decides that there is an increase in home invasions, (mind you, we live in a very upscale community and there have been NO home invasions in our community or even nearby) so she has added extra security measures. She has barricaded the french doors with a chair and tied the the handles of the other set of french doors with a plastic shopping bag!security -1security-2

A week has gone by and this is now our new “normal”; part of the nightly security routine.

She informed me yesterday that her latest “security” measure is that she thinks we should buy a gun! (because those pesky home invasions keep happening); I tried to keep a normal face and calmly said we could talk about it later. Can you imagine…..????

Yesterday I went out for about a half hour to the store and when I returned via the garage , (which I always do),  I startled her because she forgot that I had gone out. (She thought I was upstairs in my office). Envision this scenario: she now has a hand gun at her side! I’m hoping she forgets that we will talk about it later.


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  1. I so remember this stage with my grandfather, his was similar, but different, he got lost in the neighborhood for hours, my Gram left him home while she worked, and when he finally got home, with the help of a neighbor, he was locked out. For the longest time, he checked the doors and taped the latches open so the doors wouldn’t lock or remain shut. Even in the middle of the night, and he became fearful of leaving the house, because he wouldn’t be able to get in. Never could understand why he could remember being locked out, but not my name.

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