Do Something……….

One of my character of defects is that I try and “control” the situation; Try to figure everything out”; “Gotta have a plan”. I’m sure it has something to do with FEAR.

The Dr. said there was not much we could do if she didn’t realize or had insight that there was a problem, (she can’t remember that she can’t remember). Much like a person with an alcohol or drug problem, everyone else can see it but the person themselves and until they can there’s not much that can be done. Anosognosia (More than denial, anosognosia is a lack of awareness of impairment – most people do not even know they are ill – and it affects up to 81% of those with Alzheimer’s disease.)

Well…. I pressed the Dr., “surely there must be “something” we can do. So he asked if my LO saw a therapist.  Yes, as a matter of fact she just started going again.  He suggested I contact her therapist and let her know what we were seeing/suspected; just a “heads up”. Maybe someone else could help “enlighten” her.

I called her and did just that. She was more than receptive and concerned. Said she would be on the look out for signs.

She was an older woman and her husband suddenly died; seemed like the very next week ( can’t actually remember how long), but she decided to retire and closed her practice.

Back to square one…….


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