“Back to the Journey”

A few months go by and my LO does seek out another therapist. She likes him and had settled in.

Once again.. I’m trying to “fix” things, so after another conversation with the Dr. about “what can we do?” He suggests to try and contact her new therapist and see if she can gain some insight with him.

So….. I call and leave a message to that effect;  I just wanted him to know what the Dr. and I had been seeing and were concerned about. I specifically said I knew about HIPPA rules and I did NOT want to know anything about what they talked about. I felt better, having  “done” something.

Well…. that was short lived. This therapist decided that he had to tell my LO about the message and actually played it for her!  She felt betrayed beyond comprehension and was angry beyond what I had ever seen. Divorce, kind of anger!  I am still feeling the fallout from “The Disaster” in Aug 2014.

Any time there is the slightest bit of conflict she brings up “The Betrayal“, and reminds me that I’m skating on thin ice! Funny, how she doesn’t forget that incident! (Anything tied with emotion seems to stay in her memory a lot longer!)

On the bright side, (they say there’s always a bright side) I am learning rather quickly how to minimize the “conflicts”. It’s all small stuff!

My mantra: She’s right, I’m wrong and I love her!


2 thoughts on ““Back to the Journey”

  1. Oh Rhonda! You are so strong and positive! This is quite an ‘adventure’ for you to share My heart breaks for you and as always you put ‘LO’ first, so that makes my heart sing! You will get through this with support and love of your buds. And you have many! ❌⭕️❌⭕️

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