“Trust but Verify”

Let me start by saying that I am a trusting person by nature, so when I ask my LO if she has the keys to our vacation condo and she says yes, I trust that the information is correct. Well….. as a good friend of mine recommended, “trust but verify”!

She had the keys, just not all of them. we got in OK but the key to our  locked “owner’s closet” was not in her possession. That closet had all the pet goods, (kitty litter box most importantly among other necessary items ); all our goods, (toiletries, underwear, clothes, etc.).  So the decision: drive 2 hours back home and 2 hours back in traffic or pay $115 to a locksmith! Those of you who know me, know that was an easy choice. So, my new motto: “Trust but Verify”


5 thoughts on ““Trust but Verify”

  1. FYI – Ronald Reagan popularized the phrase in connection with US-Soviet relations. Your good humor was very evident in this post. You can’t get through this without a good sense of humor.

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    1. BTW I tried to private message you from your FB page, don’t know if it worked. Maybe you exchanged info with my friends, I’m calling them today.


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