“I Forgot”,we’re not in Kansas anymore..

We went to Austin for our annual company “kick-off” sales meeting last week. We sell Long Term Care plans. Things went surprisingly very smooth. I was concerned that my LO would feel bad because she would be reminded that she hasn’t worked in over a year. (In her mind it’s because she is working on some physical issues and the pain is too great for her to think straight.)

The 2 keynote speakers spoke of their journeys with Alzheimer’s. (Each had a parent with this disease). She was very quiet and I’m hoping thoughtful during this time. At times I think I’m seeing glimpses of self-realization that something might be wrong; and other times NOT. I overheard several conversations she had with some of our colleagues; she was telling them why she wasn’t currently working. (She was always in the top 5 of our company).  She was describing the  physical “pain ” to be so great that it makes her “fuzzy” and she can’t think correctly or concentrate enough to work, but she is coming back. It was great to see her happy and interactive; (although she couldn’t really remember anyone’s names. Thank God for name badges).

We got back home Sunday evening and the pet-sitter was telling her that our master bedroom toilet was clogged-(something about throwing cat fur in there).

So, I spent the better part of the late evening trying to unclog it. Didn’t work so now we have to call the plumber in the morning. I shut the door; told her we CANNOT use this toilet. During the night she remembered and used the other bathroom down the hallway. I got up at O-dark thirty, for my usual work-out; (thought about putting a post-it on the door but then thought she already remembered during the night….) I came back was in the kitchen and I heard her get up and walking around upstairs. Then came the screaming at the exact same time I answered my phone! She had “forgotten”  and used the clogged toilet and flushed!!  She panicked and could only scream for me. It was everywhere before I could run upstairs and shut off the water.

I wanted to scream and yell. “How could you forget? It was just last night!”

I forgot, we’re not in Kansas anymore…….

Next Costco run: Post-its


3 thoughts on ““I Forgot”,we’re not in Kansas anymore..

  1. What an ever-changing nightmare you are living. I am saddened by the challenges and loneliness you experience as your wife drifts away from you.


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