The most common question…..

The most frequent question I get :”Is she still in denial?” The word Denial has a negative connotation, for me any way. I am a very “reality -based” kind of person. I call it like I see it. And remember, it’s difficult for me to “see things” from  the perspective of someone else. (a constant “working on it”; A work in progress.)

I’m not an expert, (but I might become one, when all is said and done.) but this “lack of insight” or “denial” has a name: anosagnosia.  This is a great article I just ran across that explains it easier than I can pronounce anosagnosia: .

Hopefully, for those of you “following” me along the “Yellow brick road”, this article will give you some insight, like it did me.

Thanks for being here.


6 thoughts on “The most common question…..

    1. I look forward to BC more than I ever have! Yes, I want the “bikini body”, ( I can still dream!) but more importantly (especially MWF) I look forward to seeing my friends.
      Thanks for being there, and I know it and feel it.


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