“Guilty as Charged”

I’m alive and somewhat well; since a lot of folks have been asking: “did I miss your last post?” No, I’ve just been “busy”!! When my life changed approx. 5 years ago, I immediately sought out the counsel of those who had gone before me. The overwhelming advice was to make sure and take care of myself, so that I would be able to take care of my LO.

Well…. I have been trying to do that. I planned a pretty aggressive ski schedule. Been to Mammoth 3 times; Japan for 2 weeks; Aspen, Park City and my last trip is to Mammoth for a long weekend, starting today!

All went fairly well…. I left enough home-made food, (pre-packaged, just pop in the microwave) and I installed wireless cameras so I could check up on her at any time from my smart phone. I must admit, it felt a little creepy at first, (watching her sleep or watching her play with the kitties); but I quickly got over it and found myself routinely “watching” her.

When I got back from the 2 weeks in Japan, it was clear that it was too long. She was quicker to be angry, “pissy” and overall generally agitated. I think she missed me!, (although she doesn’t verbalize that).


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