A bit of advice…..

It’s only been about a year that I started sharing with close friends my LO’s “situation”. So for over 2 1/2 years I kept this worry and anxiety bottled up! I wasn’t gray before but now I’m on my way!

It was such a relief to say it out loud. My advice would be to get to a support group ASAP. There are people there who understand and can be very helpful. The Alzheimer’s Association has a list of groups available in your area.  Alzheimer’s Association

In my case I was looking for a group that dealt with EOAD, (Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease). Apparently there aren’t that many because EOAD spouses most likely are still working and don’t really have time to go to a “support group” on a Tuesday @ 10:00am! I do have the luxury of being self-employed and my days can be very flexible if I need them to be.

I finally found a group a few months ago, and it’s a conference call, which really works well. It’s small right now, but I hope it will grow. I have already gotten a lot out of the calls.


One thought on “A bit of advice…..

  1. Hi Rhonda,
    Thank you for sharing. Yes, I’ve noticed how stressed you looked these past several months. It’s why I had asked you after the run day – How are you? And Laura? You haven’t been yourself. I know how difficult it is to watch someone that you love with Alzheimer’s. My father-in- law was treated for Alzheimer’s. The doctor’s said it was dementia. Later we were told it was Alzheimer’s. It’s a scary process. Here’s what a dear friend said to me – She, too, had gone through this process with her husband.

    The first step is denial. – This is the most painful process!
    The second step is acceptance.
    The third step is managing.
    The last step is healing.

    I didn’t have a “support group” and found myself wondering, at that time, if caring for him was what he needed at that time. I started questioning myself on a lot of things. Treatment and being his caregiver. Is that enough? I’ve made numerous jokes with you about him during BC but I knew that I only made those jokes to hide my pain, sadness and frustrations. I’ve have been where you are at… I know that I’m busy working or traveling – I will make time for you if you ever need me. – Marie


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